An introduction to.... Harvey and Maisie Broyd

An introduction to.... Harvey and Maisie Broyd

By Tim Willcocks
19 September
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In our regular club newsletters we're introducing you to some of the members and supporters of the club....

This week we visit the Minis, and see what goes on with some of our younger members. Step forward brother and sister Harvey, 10, and Maisie Broyd, 9 (they’re not in the least bit competitive….)

How old were you when you started playing rugby?
Harvey: 4
Maisie: 4

What’s the best thing about playing rugby?
Harvey: Being in a team and being supported by your friends
Maisie: Side stepping the opposition and scoring tries

Who is your favourite rugby player?
Harvey: Jonny May
Maisie: Owen Farrell

What other sports do you enjoy playing?
Harvey: Football, basketball, cricket, canoeing, martial arts
Maisie: Football, cricket, hockey, rock climbing

What’s your favourite subject at school?
Harvey: PE
Maisie: PE

What do you do on a Sunday afternoon after rugby?
Harvey: I go to the park and play football!
Maisie: Homework

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Harvey: Rugby or football coach or player. If not, then an architect
Maisie: Rugby or football player. If not, then the team manager

Who is most likely to play rugby for England, Harvey or Maisie?
Harvey: Me, because Maisie prefers football more than rugby…will she be in trouble if I say that? I hope so!
Maisie: Me, because Harvey’s a wimp and is too skinny!

Who will win the rugby world cup in Japan this year?
Harvey: New Zealand
Maisie: England

What have you learnt playing rugby that has helped you when not at rugby
Harvey: Rugby has helped me become a better team player.
Maisie: Tackling my brother when he annoys me! The side steps also come in handy when playing ‘it’!

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