First Aid Arrangements and Emergency Procedures
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1. First Aid Arrangements and Emergency Procedures

Fordingbridge First Aid Policy

Not every injury can be prevented especially in a contact sport such as rugby, so it is essential that in the event of an injury, adequate first aid procedures/ first aiders are in place. This will dramatically increase the chance of a full recovery for the individual involved.
The safety of all players is of paramount importance and will ensure that, whenever a game or training occurs appropriate first aid cover and equipment will be provided.

Trained Medical professionals
• On Sunday’s in addition to first aiders per group a medical station will be in place in the center of the pitches. The medical station will contain a list of all first aiders and medical professionals by age group.
• Access to the gateways to the Club house and to Brownsey’s field should be kept clear at all times.
• Trained Physio’s will be covering Matches for the Junior teams and will be incorporated in all First aid communications, and DBS policies of the Club.
• Trained individuals for the defibrillator are listed on the Medical professional list at the Medic station.
• The safety of the individual ALWAYS takes priority over the game of rugby.